Enough’s enough

” I would never make a song that everybody agreed with, cuz how do you do that? You do that by making songs that don’t say anything. And if no one’s challenged in any way possible, there’s no way you can be misinterpreted, and there’s no way anyone could build up enough emotions to react.”

-Stick To Your Guns

The band we’re looking at is: Stick To Your Guns, of a sub-genre of hardcore; Melodic hardcore.


A rather new and somewhat ‘unorthodox’ sub-genre, melodic hardcore doesn’t quite stick to the traditions of old hardcore, but instead offers a less aggressive, more ‘listenable’ sound, as some may put it.

Their 2008 release, “Comes From The Heart”, impresses me with its most obvious merit – its sincerity. What the album or the band lacks in originality (Songs are mostly generic-sounding with predictable themes and lyrics, – boring though pleasant), it makes up for in the honesty it displays in its songs, most obviously from the quote at the start of this post, which I really love.

I’ll end off with one of my favourite song of theirs, a song about how we only have one life and how we should seize every moment in it:



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One Response to Enough’s enough

  1. Meaningful quote there. And nice song.

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