Harry Potter’s hardcore…?

Today we will be looking at a more lighthearted, and humorous side of hardcore music. I present to you the parodical hardcore band – International Superheroes of Hardcore!

Steering away from the more serious topics many other hardcore bands choose to focus on (family, death, politics, dreams, etc…) , this band instead sings about stuff like:

-The importance of wearing seat belts in cars (Track 5- Seat Belt)

-How much they hate untrustworthy dealers on eBay (Track 15 – eBay Revenge)

-How hardcore Harry Potter is (Track 5 – Harry Potter’s Hardcore)

( All tracks from their only album, ‘ takin’ it ova!’ )

The band members are no newcomers to the music scene. The whole band, all five members, are from the quite famous American rock band New Found Glory which some may be familiar with.

So they obviously are good at the rock genre, but how do they fare at hardcore? And what sort of quality music might one expect from a band that doesn’t seem to even take itself seriously?

Surprisingly, it is really quite good. They are definitely a breath of fresh air in a hardcore scene where too many fans and bands take themselves FAR too seriously, reciting quotes like “hardcore till death” (seriously???) every other minute.

With catchy tunes, upbeat guitar riffs and an foot-tapping rhythm in all their songs, this band is set to capture the hearts of many hardcore fans, or even non hardcore fans, as seen in their “Harry Potter’s Hardcore” video on youtube.

Without further ado, I present to all of you,


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6 Responses to Harry Potter’s hardcore…?

  1. Veldaaaaa says:

    First time listening to hardcore music.
    Kinda interesting~ (:

  2. Thaijin says:

    I think your blog is awesome! Exposed me to music that I’ve never tried listening to before!

  3. Shermeen says:

    Woah, I will definitely give this band a listen when I get home!

  4. Danielle says:

    I can see you’re really a big fan of hardcore music! It’s great how your know the bands well. Nice posts!

  5. Shaun says:

    hardcore music sounds interesting, gonna give it a listen when i get home. Sch net is damn laggy

  6. Vieww says:

    ISHC! 😀

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