What’s hardcore?

What’s hardcore?

When one hears the term ‘hardcore’, one doesn’t exactly think of rainbows and butterflies, for it has a kind of negative connotation to it. One may think of extremes, of maybe blood and gore, or perhaps alcohol and drugs?

In actual fact, hardcore music is nothing like that. It is honest, true to heart music that musicians make to express themselves the way they knew best, musically. It isn’t about trends and being tough, but rather empowering oneself in the face of adversity. A perfect example of positive hardcore is the straight edge movement it brought about.

As Urban Dictionary puts it, “Straight edge is basically living a clean life without drugs, drinking and casual sex. It’s living a poison free and keeping yourself safe. It is a choice and it does not make you better or worse than anyone.”

And that is exactly why hardcore music appeals to me. It is forthright, brutally honest yet absolutely humble, not trying to push any ideals down the listener’s throats. In this blog I would be exploring the different hardcore bands and the themes some of these bands have, (Politics, family, brotherhood, straight edge?), and from time to time try to have content on local hardcore bands as well.

Look out for this space!

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One Response to What’s hardcore?

  1. blogscapes says:

    The blog template design suits the topic. You also have a clear writing style.

    This is your intro post? Where’s your first post? It would be useful to provide some music tracks, etc as examples of hardcore music.

    Blogroll? Remember internal post links as well.

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