The band I will be sharing today is Mychildren Mybride, or more well known as MCMB.

This is what they look like.

I trust those big round things on a couple of the members’ ears have piqued some of your interests, so let’s take a closer look:

YEP! Those are 63mm wide holes in his (Matthew Hasting, lead vocalist) earlobe. Aluminium drinking cans could fit in with plenty of room to spare. Heck, there’s even a Facebook fan page dedicated solely to his huge earlobes.

Let’s not get distracted though, the post should be about Mychildren Mybride, which happens to be an awesome hardcore band.

While it may not be a revolutionary or unique band, MCMB sticks to writing great hardcore songs with heavy breakdowns that guarantee to get your blood pumping and adrenaline rushing, I can only imagine what it would be like to attend one of their gigs.

Without further ado, I present to you one of my favourite songs of theirs, On Wings of Integrity:

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Not hardcore, but good music

This post is completely unrelated to the theme of my blog, but I just thought to share good music with everyone.

Do give this video a chance, you WON’T regret it.


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Enough’s enough

” I would never make a song that everybody agreed with, cuz how do you do that? You do that by making songs that don’t say anything. And if no one’s challenged in any way possible, there’s no way you can be misinterpreted, and there’s no way anyone could build up enough emotions to react.”

-Stick To Your Guns

The band we’re looking at is: Stick To Your Guns, of a sub-genre of hardcore; Melodic hardcore.


A rather new and somewhat ‘unorthodox’ sub-genre, melodic hardcore doesn’t quite stick to the traditions of old hardcore, but instead offers a less aggressive, more ‘listenable’ sound, as some may put it.

Their 2008 release, “Comes From The Heart”, impresses me with its most obvious merit – its sincerity. What the album or the band lacks in originality (Songs are mostly generic-sounding with predictable themes and lyrics, – boring though pleasant), it makes up for in the honesty it displays in its songs, most obviously from the quote at the start of this post, which I really love.

I’ll end off with one of my favourite song of theirs, a song about how we only have one life and how we should seize every moment in it:



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Harry Potter’s hardcore…?

Today we will be looking at a more lighthearted, and humorous side of hardcore music. I present to you the parodical hardcore band – International Superheroes of Hardcore!

Steering away from the more serious topics many other hardcore bands choose to focus on (family, death, politics, dreams, etc…) , this band instead sings about stuff like:

-The importance of wearing seat belts in cars (Track 5- Seat Belt)

-How much they hate untrustworthy dealers on eBay (Track 15 – eBay Revenge)

-How hardcore Harry Potter is (Track 5 – Harry Potter’s Hardcore)

( All tracks from their only album, ‘ takin’ it ova!’ )

The band members are no newcomers to the music scene. The whole band, all five members, are from the quite famous American rock band New Found Glory which some may be familiar with.

So they obviously are good at the rock genre, but how do they fare at hardcore? And what sort of quality music might one expect from a band that doesn’t seem to even take itself seriously?

Surprisingly, it is really quite good. They are definitely a breath of fresh air in a hardcore scene where too many fans and bands take themselves FAR too seriously, reciting quotes like “hardcore till death” (seriously???) every other minute.

With catchy tunes, upbeat guitar riffs and an foot-tapping rhythm in all their songs, this band is set to capture the hearts of many hardcore fans, or even non hardcore fans, as seen in their “Harry Potter’s Hardcore” video on youtube.

Without further ado, I present to all of you,


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Go ahead and X up!


First image that pops into your head?

If you were a fan of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as a kid, probably this guy:

The baseball-bat swinging, hockey stick clubbing, rather ridiculous-looking vigilante friend of the turtles.


Never mind, because that’s not what we’re talking about today anyway. We’re focusing about Casey Jones, the band.

Here’s a picture:

Casey Jones was formed in 2003 in Florida, as a strictly straight-edge hardcore band.

This meant that they chose not to indulge in any vices in a scene where most of their peers were:

-Drinking before and after playing

-Getting plastered after shows

-Getting high on marijuana and drugs

-Having casual sex with groupies

One of the greatest spokesmen for the Straight Edge lifestyle in their time, Casey Jones churned out beautiful, honest music without the need of a single drop of alcohol or puff of smoke. (Some musicians swear that marijuana gives them amazing albeit temporary songwriting talents)

Of course, with the Straight Edge wave catching on, the concept of living a vice-free and healthy lifestyle slowly became blurred, with more and more youngsters new to the scene treating Straight Edge as more of a trend.

These ‘poseurs’ would draw ‘Xs’ on their hands to shows (Something real Straight Edge people did as well), like this:

Casey Jones was not too pleased about these people, and did what they do best – Write a song about it.

And now I present to you, Casey Jones – Know This X.

This time I’ll take every word with a grain of salt and stare you down.
One day you’ll learn what a promise really is and the meaning of pride.
Go ahead and X up.
Straight edge for a while, a crooked x for that crooked smile.
A new trend.
A new start.
The X on your hand will never be there in your heart.

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What’s hardcore?

What’s hardcore?

When one hears the term ‘hardcore’, one doesn’t exactly think of rainbows and butterflies, for it has a kind of negative connotation to it. One may think of extremes, of maybe blood and gore, or perhaps alcohol and drugs?

In actual fact, hardcore music is nothing like that. It is honest, true to heart music that musicians make to express themselves the way they knew best, musically. It isn’t about trends and being tough, but rather empowering oneself in the face of adversity. A perfect example of positive hardcore is the straight edge movement it brought about.

As Urban Dictionary puts it, “Straight edge is basically living a clean life without drugs, drinking and casual sex. It’s living a poison free and keeping yourself safe. It is a choice and it does not make you better or worse than anyone.”

And that is exactly why hardcore music appeals to me. It is forthright, brutally honest yet absolutely humble, not trying to push any ideals down the listener’s throats. In this blog I would be exploring the different hardcore bands and the themes some of these bands have, (Politics, family, brotherhood, straight edge?), and from time to time try to have content on local hardcore bands as well.

Look out for this space!

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